Museums Victoria

Tyama (CHA-MUH) – a deeper sense of knowing.

We were so thrilled to be a part of the new interactive exhibition TYAMA at Museums Victoria – an immersive experience that invites visitors into a multi-sensory world of storytelling. We partnered with the creative, technical powerhouse S1T2 to help realise a sacred First Nations story inspired by the sacred clan of Gunditjmara women. 

The word Tyama is the Keerray Woorroong language word meaning ‘to know’. It is about knowing, not just with our minds but with our whole body and all our senses. It recognises that knowledge is precious, it is earned through deep engagement with the world around us.

Our role was to create a 360 immersive cinematic experience as both a climax to the immersive exhibition experience and a call back to the interactive journey the audience has been on. Displayed on two 26 meter by 8 meter displays, we brought to life the stories shared by our First Nations collaborators Yoolongteeyt Dr Vicki Couzens and Yaaran Couzens Bundle. We ensured that our ‘oldest storytellers – Woolok (Blue whale) and Koontapool (Southern Wright) – were represented with realistic proportions and behaviours by working with museum species experts. Meanwhile, gestural, painterly abstraction was used to ignite imaginations and invite visitors to see the world differently.

Choreographing the performance spatially across dual facing large projection surfaces was a new technical and creative challenge for us. We started with typical pre-production methods methods to plan the broad strokes of the narrative but also leaned on 3D mapping and VR testing to ensure our ideas would translate from our screens to the exhibition space.

Every now and then a project presents an opportunity that you just know is something special, something to really throw yourself into. TYAMA was such a rewarding and challenging experience that we’re super proud to be a part of.


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