Aware Olympics

Aware Super

Going for gold in record time!

The crafty, collaborative crew from The Works came to us with juuuuust enough time to pull together a series of animated spots for Aware Super to be shown during the Tokyo Olympics.

In world record time we were tasked to build 3 action packed, dynamic character filled animations, each centred around different sporting events from the Olympics.

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Project Development R&D

For the character rigging process we opted to use Bendy Limbs rig from Eye Desyn – a real life saver which allowed us to quickly create a familiar, malleable, user friendly character workflow.

Aware Olympics
Aware Olympics

Cel Reference 👉🏻3D Animation

After dabbling in 2D and Cel tests we opted to go for a fully 3D process to allow for character consistency and dynamic camera movement that could easily be tweaked on the fly. The 2D tests were still super helpful as a reference and building block for the 3D animation.

Aware Olympics

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